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The Cannabinoid Medicine Studies offers certification courses that are overseen by our partnered physician and CMO, Adam Abodeely, (MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS) to provide specialization and continuing education platforms for its CBDIA members, CBD industry and medical professionals.
As the CBD industry continues to grow, there are many evolving complexities that require strategic know-how and the most up-to-date knowledge on the nuisances of the industry to get ahead. Our courses offer the key essentials to prepare the CBD industry to take on these demands to be able to help their clients and patients reach their goals.
All of the CMS Certification curricula is a physician or Ph.D. written and taught…. Currently, we offer 15 courses, which empower CBD professionals to become experts in various aspects of the medicinal and therapeutic uses of the cannabis plant. 
  • Certified CBD Consultant
  • Certified Flavonoid Specialist 
  • Certified Cannabinoid Blending Formulator
  • A Day with MacKay: The Cannabinoid Extraction 
  • Certified Minor Phytocannabinoid Specialist
  • Cannabinoid Sports Specialist
  • Accredited Terpene Specialist
  • Accredited CBD Compliance Consultant
  • Certified CBD Pain Management Consultant 
  • Certified Cannabinoid Senior Care Specialist
  • Certified CBD Skincare Consultant
  • Cannabinoid Legal Administration Professional
  • Certified Phytocannabinoid Women's Health Specialist
  • Certified Phytocannabinoid Nutritional and Metabolism Specialist
  • Certified Organic Hemp Cultivation Consultant

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