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Certified Phytocannabinoid Nutritional and Metabolism Specialist (CPNMS) Designation 

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Course Description and Syllabus

Curriculum Creator and Instructor:

  • Title: Forensic Researcher and Endocannabinoid Health Scientist
  • Company: GnuPharma
  • Specialization: Endocannabinoid System and Research
  • Location: Tulsa, OK
  • Website:

Course Description

The health benefits of CBD abound, but those with the knowledge to properly apply the cannabinoid for specified use are few and far between. The Certified Phytocannabinoid Nutritional & Metabolism Specialist course provides participants with the understanding and expertise to meet the growing interest in the many ways CBD can aide and assist the body from the inside out. Taking elements of holistic health and incorporating innovative science, the skills and knowledge gained through this course enable you to directly apply the power of CBD to any health practice – existing or to be established. Understanding the role metabolism and nutrition play in overall health is a crucial to any wellness practitioner’s arsenal. Combining this with industry leading knowledge of the application and interaction of CBD right alongside will secure your success in a field with endless potential.  
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Gain a better understanding of the power of CBD

Press play on the video to the right to hear from Chip Paul as he guides you to understanding more about how the body works with relation to cannabinoids. 

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Certified Phytocannabinoid Nutrition and Metabolism Specialist (CPNMS)


Understanding the ECS System

A better understanding of the ECS is necessary to truly appreciate its amazing functions and capabilities within the human body. This neurological system was developed over 600 million years ago and is now found within many different animal species on Earth. And even though it is ancient, we are just beginning to unravel the true potential of this system. The ECS is one of the most important systems in humans and serves as a master regulatory system that is driven by the resources it is given by means of diet and nutrition. Also addressed is the possibility that we are impeding the function of the ECS with evidence indicating the potential for this.


Nutritional Targeting of the Endocannabinoid System 

In this section of the course, we will look at how cannabis is able to modulate the ECS across the entirety of the system. While not the only way in which the ECS can be activated, the cannabinoids found within cannabis are able to interact with the system in various ways to produce different effects and results. Different foods also play a role here and we will look at some examples of how they modulate the ECS specifically. We will also dive into the efficacy of both cannabis and food as a potential treatment for certain medical conditions. Examples of how a traditional physician currently looks at medical conditions versus how a cannabinologer views the same.



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