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Certified Flavoinoid Specialist

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Course Description and Syllabus

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Course Description

The Certified Flavonoid Specialist (CFS) credential will give you the expertise in the newly explored world of cannabis flavonoids, their health benefits and the ability to entertain the research of tomorrow. Flavonoid Specialists are formulators, practitioners and professionals with the knowledge to design and implement custom formulations, programs and other applications of Flavonoids. Earning this certification demonstrates advanced skills and professional distinction.
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Certified Flavonoid Specialist (CFS)

Learn nearly everything there is to know about the importance and role of Flavonoids with the certified Flavonoid Specialist Course. These secondary metabolites are a diverse group of plant chemicals that play a critical role in how cannabis interacts within the human body. This course will go in-depth to encompass many aspects of flavonoids from their basic definition and functions to their benefits and breaking research into their use. Learn the anatomy and function of the compounds to understand how they work while understanding the different categories and functions of each variety. The Flavonoid Specialist Course is designed to provide a working knowledge and detailed comprehension of these important and interesting compounds.

Anatomy & History of Flavonoids

The Anatomy and History of Flavonoids Course will provide a solid background into the basic makeup and function of these secondary compounds as well as a look at how they exist in nature and their interaction with humans. Learn how flavonoids exist in their natural state as well as how they interact with both plants and humans. From their initial discovery into their modern-day use, flavonoids are packed full of potential and the knowledge gained from this course will keep you in the know on the history, function, and modern application of these compounds.

Flavonoid Categories and Benefits

Access a deep understanding of the important roles and groupings of flavonoids with the Flavonoid Categories and Benefits Course. The course will take a comprehensive look at the 12 major categories and subclasses of flavonoids. Each category will be thoroughly explained and different benefits and uses of each will be examined. Learn how each flavonoid group is categorized while understanding the variations and distinctions between each. Examine the natural sources for each category and the roles and benefits each can play within the human body.

Research Findings Related to Health Benefits of Flavonoids

Dive into current research and the ongoing studies in the world of flavonoids with the Research Findings Related to Health Benefits of Flavonoids Course. Participants will examine much of the key research findings that have come out in the field as well as how the data can be interpreted and applied to move into the future. Learn cutting-edge developments that are highlighting the importance of these compounds as well as how to interpret and understand the ongoing studies.

Flavonoid Bioavailability

Gain a thorough understanding of how Flavonoids are used and absorbed by the human body with the Flavonoid Bioavailability Course. This course will examine how bioavailable flavonoids actually are and the varying factors that determine this bioavailability. Participants will look at the factors that affect bioavailability and how this applies specifically to flavonoids. The course will also examine means by which bioavailability may be increased or altered to improve absorption in different applications.  

Flavonoids in Cannabis

The Flavonoids in Cannabis Course will provide participants with a comprehensive approach and understanding of the relationship that exists between the cannabis plant and flavonoids. Learn the critical role that these secondary compounds play in the plant's life cycle as well as the biological effects that occur between the two. The course will examine the relationship between terpenes and flavonoids and how they interact with one another. It will also examine the benefits that flavonoids provide to the plant and how this changes and develops throughout the lifecycle. 

Research Findings Related to Cannflavins

Understand the growing knowledge of and research into Cannflavins with the Research Findings Related to Cannflavins Course. This course will dive into the basics and background of Cannflavins – what they are and how they interact with and are derived from flavonoids within the cannabis plant. Learn the findings of the research into these compounds and their potential benefits with future use and study. Gain a glimpse into the future of cannabis research and study with this progressive look into a little known compound that is quickly gaining more attention.     

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