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Cannabinoid Extraction Accreditation 

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Course Description and Syllabus

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Course Description

In A Day with MacKay: The Cannabinoid Extraction Certification you will receive an overview of the principles and practices of CBD extraction. The many hands on demonstrations this certification offers you will leave with an understanding of how coffee, hemp, and clothes are similar chemically and in production. You will appreciate the vast number of ways to make eggs, tea, and even cake and how you can increase your productivity with hemp and cannabis extraction. You will gain an understanding of measuring the potency at each stage of sample preparation, extraction and post-processing; possibly saving your extraction operation thousands of dollars a week.
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Cannabinoid Extraction Accreditation (CEA)

Welcome and Course Introduction

The introduction to the Cannabinoid Extraction Course will layout the foundation for all of the information you will gain as a participant in the course. We will highlight the main topics to be discussed over the course of the day as well as provide background knowledge into the history of extractions both in commonly known products and also how it relates to the world of cannabis. The exciting possibilities and basic misconceptions of extraction will be touched on alongside how the science behind the process is progressing and leading the path into the future.

Busting the Magic of Extraction

As popular and growing as the world of extraction is, there is still much mystery surrounding the science and required knowledge involved in the process. As part of the Cannabinoid Extraction credential, this section of the course will give you inside information into the basic principles of extraction, how the science behind it is used and how it’s evolving, and some common myths surrounding the process. You will learn exactly what goes into the process of turning natural products into finished extracts both in common products we see every day and in relation to the cannabis industry.

Merging Business and Science

The growing business of cannabis and cannabinoid extractions requires an understanding of both the practical and the technical sides of extraction. Merging the business and science behind the process is essential for anyone hoping to gain success off of any extraction based product. This section of the course will look at the principles of the science behind extractions and how to merge your business with these principles. It will also touch on issues regarding solvents and solubility that are essential to know in order to create profitable extraction formulas that can drive business and secure your future in the industry. 

You Can’t Manage What You Won’t Measure

This section of the course is all about process control and how important it is to measure and monitor all aspects of the extraction process. We will take a look at the importance of Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and how this process will enable you to locate and identify cannabinoid profiles of extracts and raw materials. This section will also examine typical travel setups for remote material testing as well as at-line analyses of strains and products. Several case studies will be highlighted in this section to show the importance of process control and how it relates to potency, the effectiveness of extraction, and end result. Different extraction techniques will also be addressed as well as how to monitor and control their related and varying processes.

What is Next?

Take a look into the future with this section of the Cannabinoid Extraction Course. The future has never been brighter for the cannabis industry and extractions are leading the way towards new and exciting products that are sure to bolster business moving forward. We will look at significant changes in the cannabis extraction market over the last several years as well as reasons why there are so few large scale extraction facilities. A focus on the future will look at coming changes to the market as well as best processes, workflow ideas, and key factors into choosing the technology that is best suited for your business. Understanding the future is essential for any forward-thinking business owner and this look into the coming growth of extractions will provide just that.  

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful CBD Business

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