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Meet our Board of Advisors

The Cannabinoid Medicine Studies Advisory Board is committed to providing expert input and oversight over all CMS activities involving scientific and or medical professional related content. Our select group of the nation’s most disruptive and respected individuals focus on ensuring the relevance and accuracy of all education provided. 


Meet James Polston, Ph.D. 

Dr. Polston has a doctorate in Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics and also holds an advanced degree in Medical Ethics. He is currently the Chief Science Officer of Helius Therapeutics in Auckland, New Zealand, the largest medical cannabis provider in the region. 

Formerly the Extraction and Processing Manager at US cannabis company Trulieve (market cap 2.0b), where he also managed all of their external research efforts. Prior to this role was the Processing Manager for US cannabis company Curaleaf (market cap 4.7b) in Oregon. Dr. Polston is also the founder of Emerald Coast Research, a consulting and cannabis research company, based in the United States. Dr. Polston has studied plant-based therapeutics for the last fifteen years and has led numerous research efforts over the last decade, including investigation and publication with the US Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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Meet Dr. Jazmin Oliver, M.D.

Jazmin Oliver has a diverse scientific background and significant career experience in the hemp space. She uses her passion for hemp to drive the industry forward and is committed to the importance of research and educating the globe about the cannabis plant. 

Jazmin earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of North Florida. During her time there she focused on interdisciplinary studies of medicine and public health. After graduation, she studied comparative health abroad in Switzerland at the World Health Organization and the United Nations. Following that, she studied medicine internationally at Saint James School of Medicine . This experience helped define her passion for medicinal plant research and fueled her passion for natural medicine. 

Jazmin moved to Colorado and joined the hemp industry creating hemp derived products including crude oil, distillate, isolate and finished products such as topicals and tinctures. She designed proprietary purification methods to isolate major and minor cannabinoids including CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, CBC and more. Jazmin was invited by Doane University to help create the first certified hemp education curriculum to prepare students for entry into the industry. These courses are available globally and cover a wide variety of topics. 

Jazmin realized the new and ever changing industry still has a lot of growing to do. She founded Cannabis Science Consultants in Denver, Colorado to elevate industry standards and bring science based education, quality and safety to cannabis laboratories. 

Jazmin serves as the CBD & Cannabinoid Industry Association’s Regional Director for the western region of the United States and Chair of the Denver Chapter. She also holds a seat on the advisory board for Cannabinoid Medicine Studies. 


Meet Dr. Orion Lekos, Ph.D.

Orion is a green entrepreneur and engineer. He enjoys commercializing technology based on nature. His areas of expertise for engineering and research include extraction of valuable phytochemicals from plants, renewable energy, water, biomass derived chemicals, and utilizing micro-organisms.

Specialties: Technology Commercialization, Project Management, Grant Writing and Fundraising, ISO 1400 Environmental Management, Life Cycle Analysis, Permitting, Industrial Plant Design, Plant Commissioning, Green Chemical Design,GMP, Troubleshooting, Biological Transmutation of Elements, Research and Development.

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Meet Dr. Alvin Berger, MS, Ph.D.

Scientific Expertise
• Discoveries in lipid research. Academic/industrial expert on lipids including marine-, animal-, & plant fatty acids, phospholipids, sphingolipids, gangliosides, plant sterols. Publications on carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants
• Experience with various health and disease states (heart, cognition, skin, bone, diabetes, autoimmunity, inflammation). Experience with human, animal and fish husbandry, companion animal health
• Ability to include novel endpoints in research, such as omics
• Numerous scientific papers, reviews, white papers, patents
• Editor of scientific journals

Commercial skills
• Heading up nutrition-, lipid-, analytical-, intellectual property-, metabolomic-, biochemistry teams in start-ups and multi-nationals
• Development of scientific programs (in vitro, animal, clinical trial approaches) & science-driven marketing.
• Product- pipeline development, commercialization, & successful launching in food, supplement, drug, diagnostic spaces
• Extensive project management, marketing, scientific/product sales, intellectual property skills
• Scientific, nutritional, and biochemical support for: due-diligence; vetting ideas, business plans, and IP strategy; mergers and acquisitions; joint ventures, and investments
• Strategic planning & out-of-the-box thinking
• Team player, with close working relations to diverse teams: QA/QC, procurement, purchasing, IP, business leaders
• Communicate complex ideas to lay, business, scientific audiences
• Excellent at science-drive sales & closing sales

Networking, connectivity
• Grant/ proposal reviewing & writing
• Industry, government, academic Boards
• Consulting for private companies & government agencies
• Adjunct Professor at two Universities
• Huge international network; easy reach-out to decision makers

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