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Accredited Terpene Specialist

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Course Description and Syllabus

Curriculum Creator, Instructor and Chief Medical Officer:

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Course Description

The cannabis industry has made great breakthroughs in the understanding of the contribution of different cannabinoids to therapeutic effects of the plant. 
Advances in cannabis genetics have also debunked many of the older theories of the plant, including the dichotomy on “indica” vs. “sativa.” As we enter 2020, there is a greater recognition and understanding of the importance of terpenes to the effects of cannabis, rather than strains alone.
Terpene specialists are often practitioners, formulators, and other professionals with the knowledge to better implement terpenes into their work.
With such a large array of terpenes, many of which can also be found in other plants, this course offers the in-depth knowledge required to contribute to this fascinating, and growing, niche in cannabis.
The Accredited Terpene Specialist (ATS) credential makes you a recognized expert of terpenes and their health benefits and applications. Earning this certification demonstrates advanced skill and professional distinction.
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Accredited Terpene Specialist (ATS)

Importance of Understanding Terpenes

Learn the critical function and role terpenes have in the world of cannabis and beyond with the Importance of Understanding Terpenes Course. These secondary compounds produced by the cannabis plant have the ability to trigger a physiological response in both animals and humans and have been used throughout history for perfumes, cosmetics, and medicines. This course will give participants a detailed understanding of the powerful abilities of terpenes, how they interact with other compounds present in cannabis, and their working relationship with common applications and concentrates. This course will provide a better understanding of the importance and function of terpenes and the role they play in the future of the cannabis industry.    

What are Terpenes? 

Gain comprehensive insight into a critical compound of the cannabis plant with the What Are Terpenes Course. This course will look at the background, use, and natural function of these important secondary compounds. Participants will achieve expert knowledge into how terpenes exist within the cannabis plant and other natural sources. The course will look at the relationship between essential oils and terpenes as well as the many roles that the compounds play in nature from pollinator attraction to predator repellent. Gain a biological grasp of the function, behavior, and role terpenes have with this integral section of the Certified Terpenes Specialist Course.

Biosynthesis of Terpenes

Gain a solid scientific grasp on the ways in which terpenes are created, synthesized, and extracted with the Biosynthesis of Terpenes Course. From their beginning stages on a chemical level to the many different extraction techniques now used to harness the power of these compounds, this course provides deep-level explanations and in-demand knowledge of the creation and use of terpenes. Learn the different pathways terpenes follow on their way from plant production to human use, how terpene biosynthesis occurs, and terpene nomenclature from a scientific and chemical perspective. Achieve a thorough understanding of the different types of extraction techniques and the pros and cons of each method. The Biosynthesis of Terpenes course will examine many levels of these secondary compounds from inception to end result.

Common Terpenes Found in Cannabis and Clinical Significance

As the science of cannabis expands, so does the need to understand current developments. The Common Terpenes Found in Cannabis and Clinical Significance Course will give you a solid working knowledge of terpenes alongside the role the play in cannabis consumption and the natural world. There are upwards of 200 different terpenes that have been found within cannabis and this course will look at the 8 most commonly found in North American cannabis strains. Participants will learn about the benefits, characteristics, and potential applications of these terpenes as well as develop a better understanding of the chemical structure of each. Flavor and aroma profiles of these terpenes will also be analyzed, and the course will highlight some of the synergistic effects that occur when terpenes appear in conjunction with one another. Terpenes are on the cutting edge of new developments in the clinical significance of cannabis and this course will allow great insight into a rapidly evolving area of focus in the industry and beyond.     

Future Application and References

The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate with new breakthroughs and developments occurring on a seemingly daily basis. The Future Application and References Course will provide participants with a great foundation of knowledge to prepare them for all the impending potential that is sure to come within the cannabis industry. The course will have a focus on terpenes and their interaction with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). Participants will gain a better understanding of ECS signaling systems alongside other future applications involving compounds such as targeted therapy, biotechnology, and medical uses. Understanding the current use and application of terpenes is critical towards gaining insight into the future and this course will dive into the exciting possibilities of what is to come in relation to cannabis terpenes.   

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